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"Dreams and Nightmares," is an exhibition that can best be described through the artists' statement, "Painting can be my dream or nightmare analysis as I read into and reconsider my own processes. The objects that captivate us are ripe with social life, violence, and memory. Painting and looking are ways to excavate the untold but embodied history I carry as a black woman in America." -- Céline Aziza Kaldas Anderson


 am incredibly passionate about perspective, specifically cultivating spaces through my curatorial work for marginalized voices to be hears. This is why I invited two poets, Ashley Rhame, and Phoebe Mariam to read their powerful works about blackness, womanhood, and the South at the opening of the exhibition.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 12.36.56

a video moving through the gallery as if you were a viewer in the space, seeing the exhibition.

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